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Bedroom Vixen….

I believe that a healthy sex life was meant to be enjoyed, flourished, and relaxing. It seems like it can go on…forever..right? Even the most active sexual partner hit dry patches where they might not have sex everyday or the sex life becomes almost non-existent. Here are some tips that should spicin’ up your bedroom.

  1. Become a vixen in the bedroom.
  2. Get creative quick. Work off your impulses and do something wild and random.Try some new things and release your inhibitions…You need to be a least four different women at different times in the bedroom.
  3. Create at least three different other women besides yourself to blow your partner’s mind. They will have no clue who you will be next time sex calls. ….

Some suggestions

The other woman… you pick the place, you plan it out, but don’t tell them just let them play along. If they’re still confused throw in a passionate kiss or do something to hold their attention. Now remember the mistress is the freak. She’s the one that is open minded and everything the other woman isn’t. Yes ladies we are talking fantasy play out for your partner. If that doesn’t do it…  
The Mistress can she’s the one that makes your partner cater to them. Listen..beg…plead, for it. A woman in control has been known too turn many on. How far you want to take it is up to you.
The Freak..The one that sneaks into your partners bed wakes the with memorable oral sex and put them  back to sleep. You will suprise them and leave them whistling in the morning.
The School Teacher…Everyone had a crush on their high school teacher before. Be a that hot teacher and put your partner in detention. After class all night.

  1. Have you tried talking dirty during sex whether it’s you and your partner? It might prove to be an extreme turn on.
  2. Become a master at your oral sex skills. Learn every secret. that’ll make your partner’s toes curl. Remember if you don’t love doing it they won’t enjoy it either.
  3. Sexy lingerie might just stimulate your partner’s eyes. Try an erotic lap dance or dance.

Being a bedroom vixen is more than just pleasing your partner it should be pleasing you also. You should focus on achieving your climax. If your partner complains about you wanting to get off also..well..drop them!

sec.jpg sexy woman image by Sandratjuh21

Signing out,


  1. MaryJane420
    December 3, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    Okay there are some reeeaaalllyyyy good ideas here. hmmm…brb!

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